Ellen Cantor


1961 - 2013





"Ellen Cantor - My Perversion is the Belief in True Love", Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin




"Ellen Cantor", Galería Leyendecker, Tenerife

"Ellen Cantor - Pinochet Porn", Kunstlerhaus Stuttgart

"Ellen Cantor - Is Tragedy a Choise?", Neuer Kunstverein Wein, Vienna




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"Ellen Cantor", Xavier Laboubenne Gallerie, Berlin




“Within a Budding Grove”. PARTICIPANT INC, New York




“New Works”. Abbt Projects, Zurich




1000 000mph projects, London




“Bambie’s Beastly Buddies” The Gallery Sketch, London.

Ellen Cantor Cerith Wyn Evans, Prince Charles, London




Videocreenings, curated with public interview by Chris 

Dercon, Munsterraum, Munich

Death Valley, Galerie Judin Belot, Zurich

Grateful Dead, Galeria Leyendecker, Tenerife




"Crazy Treasure Hunt - You don't need to travel far for an adventure", Anne Faggionato, London

"Lost in Jersey City: Ellen Cantor and Joseph Grigely", FA Projects, London




“Video des monats”, Kunsthalle Wien project space, Vienna




Marcus Ritter, New York

Kunstbunker, Nuremberg

Parkhaus, Dusseldorf




Transmission Gallery, Glasgow

“The Snow White Cycle", Galerie Drantmann, Brussels




“Be My Baby”, video installation, Delfina, London

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“My Perversion is the Belief in True Love”, Scalo Galerie, Zurich

“Video screenings, Book launch”, Lux Cinema, London (“My Perversion is the Belief in True Love”, Published by Scalo Zurich, Kunsthalle, Vienna, 1998)




XL Xavier LaBoulbenne, New York

“Within Heaven and Hell”, Kunsthalle, Vienna (catalogue)




Ice Box, Athens

Vorarlberger, Kunstverein, Bregenz (catalogue)

Feigen Gallery, Chicago (printed book)

Galerie Christian Drantmann, Brussels





XL Xavier LaBoulbenne, New York

arsFutura Galerie, Zurich

“Video”, Christian Schenkman, Zurich

Cabinet Gallery, London




Postmasters, New York

TRE, Stockholm




Galerie Samuel Lallouz, Montreal, Canada








“Dread & Delight: Fairy Tales in an Anxious World”, Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro

“17 x 24, Every Day is a Good Day”, Magazin4, Bregenz, Austria




“The Mausoleum Of Lovers”, Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin

“Shiny, shiny, shiny boots of leather”, Freymond Guth Fine Arts, Basel




“Parallel Vienna 2016”, Parallel Vienna, Vienna

“Coming To Power”, Maccarone Gallery, NY

“Chatham Square”, Foxy Production, NY




“Benefizauktion”, Katz Contemporary, Zurich




“Alptraum” - Goethe-Institut Johannesburg, Johannesburg




“ALPTRAUM!” – Washington DC, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Cape Town (Projektraum Deutscher Künstlerbund)




“Nothing Political”, Komplot, Brussels

“Detroit”, Kunsthalle Wien, Project Space Karlsplatz, Vienna

“The House of Fairy Tales”, Millenium, St. Ives, Cornwall

“Y, The Black Issue”, Ystads Konstmuseum, Ystad




“Horno f Plenty”, Viktor Wynd Fine Art, London

“Never Dance Alone”, Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts
Contemporaines, Tourcoing

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“The Porn Identity”, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna




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“3am Eternal”




Liquid Economics, Itchy Park III, Limehouse Townhall, 


Driving Fast Through a Slow-Motion Landscape, ESPAIUBU, Barcelona, curated by Erich Weiss

Don Giovanni, Kunsthalle Wien (catalogue), curated by Dr. 

Gerald Matt




Bad Drawing, University of Cincinnati, curated by Mark Harris

All the Pretty Corpses, Renaissance Society, University of 

Chicago, curated by Hamza Walker

Wall Drawing, Pulse, Miami; Fred, London

Video Loop, Barcelona; Alexander Pollazon, London

2nd biennale vour videokunst, Contour, (catalogue)

curated by Cis Bierwickx, Mechelen

Itchy Park II, Limehouse Townhall, London

A journey to the 7 seas, a real time audio visual performance

with Bughouse, Le Conforte Moderne, Poitiers




Itchy Park I, Limehouse Townhall, London

Sneeze 80x80, curated by Peter Lloyd Lewis and Natasha

Makowski, Gazon Rouge, Athens (catalogue)

Planet B, curated by Judith Reichart and Wolfgang Fetz, 

Kunstverein Bregenz (catalogue)

Cinderella, Trailer, curated by Caroline Brockbank and Juan







Forplay, Ritter/Zamet, London

10e Biennale de I’Image en Mouvement, Centre pour l’image

contemporaine, Saint-Gervais, Geneve

L’Etrange Festival, Paris

International Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands

Video Store, curated by John Thomson, Foxy Productions,

Brooklyn, NY 

Soft Sun Down, Doggerfisher, Edinburgh

Prend ca court! , Montreal, Canada

Edinburgh International Film Festival, Edinburgh

Anemic Cinema, Sketch, curated by Alexandre Pollazon,





“handlungsanweisungen”, Karlsplatz, Vienna

“je t’aime...moi non plus”, curated by Hilde Teerlink, Bergen

Kunsthalle (Norway), Het Doneia, Sitturd (Netherlands), ESAP

Perpignan (France), The Leisure Club Mogadishini,Copenhagen

(Denmark), Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaen (Denmark), Metronom, Barcelona (Spain)

“Artaid 2002”, Bloomburg, London

“Jubilee 10 = 1”, Magazin 4 Voralberger Kunstverein, Austria

“Ellen Cantor, Robert Crumb, Tom of Finland, Annie Sprinkle”, Feigen Contemporary, New York




“Runway”, Galerie Van Gelder, Curated by Jack Jaeger

“Promises, Promises?”, curated by Steve Mathewson, I.G.

Bildendekunst, Vienna

“Masculinities”, NIKOLAJ-Copenhagen Contemporary Art Centre

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Kraichtal; Vorarlberger, Kunstverien, Bregenz (catalogue)

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“Mixed Pickles”, Galerie Leyendecker, Tenerife




“Attraction”, curated by Hilde Teerlinck, Metronom, Barcelona

“Daydreams”, Sies + Hoke Galerie, Dusseldorf

“2000 anos luz”, Galerie Leyendecker, Tenerife (catalogue)

“Exploding Cinema”, curated by Chris Dercon, Museum

Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam




“Mr. Fascination” Thread Waxing Space, New York

“8E Biennale de L’Image en Mouvement”, curated by Simon Lamuniere, St. Gervais, Centre pour l’image contemporaine,

Geneva (catalogue)

“Video Stage 1.0: The Music Session”, curated by Alexandre Pollazon, Candid Arts Trust, London

“Mondo 1, Ellen Cantor, Mark Dean, Simon Martin”, curated by Peter Lewis, London

“Programme International Neurotic Realism: Bern Now!” curated by Francesca Pia / Daniel Bauman, Galerie Francesca Pia, Bern

“Pink for Boys, Blue for Girls”, Kunsthaus Bethanien, NGBK, Berlin (catalogue)

“10 Supastore Superstars”, curated by Sarah Staton, Tomato, London (printed portfolio)

“The End is the Beginning”, Bricks and Kicks, Vienna




“Lost Paradise, (Ellen Cantor, Catherine Opie, Joachim

Koester)”, curated by Alexandre Melo, Galerie Presencia, Porto

“High Fidelity”, Halle fur Kunst, Luneburg (catalogue)

“16 Rippen” Schwulen Museum, Berlin (catalogue)

“Market Place of Ideas”, Lawrence University, WI

“Ellen Cantor, Ray Johnson, James Rosenquist”, Feigen

Contemporary, New York




“Knut Asdam, Ellen Cantor, Lovett/Codagnone, Rosemarie

Trockel”, XL Xavier LaBoulbenne, New York

“504”, curated by John Armleder, Braunschweig Art Academy

“Gothic”, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston




“Map Library”, AC Project Room, New York

“Supastore de Luxe, UP & Co, New York

“Popoccultural”, South London Gallery, curated by Cabinet,


“Popoccultural”, Southampton Gallery (censored)

“Video Sans Titre,” Galerie Froment Putman, Paris

“Ellen Cantor, Mona Hatoum, Lovett,Codagnone, Maralyn

Minter, and Mike Sale”, XL Xavier Laboulbenne, New York

“Video”, curated by Maciej Toporowicz & Gregory Volk, VOID,

New York

“Summer Group Show”, TRE, Stockholm




“Oh Pain, Oh Life”, Helmhaus, Zurich (censored)

“Trans Art”, The Kitchen, New York

“Summer Sweat”, Thomas Nordanstad, New York

“Smells Like Vinyl”, Roger Merians, New York

“Summer Group Show”, TRE, Stockholm

“Fools Day”, 12 Warren, New York

“Inaugural Exhibition”, Thomas Nordanstad




“4 in New York”, curated by Karl Holmquist, TRE, Stockholm

“The Long Weekend”, Trial Balloon, New York

“Tiny Shoes”, New Langton Arts, San Francisco

“Group Show”, Thomas Nordanstad, New York

“A Life of Secrets”, curated by Kim Jones, A/C Project Room,

New York

"Part Fantasy",  curated by Nicola Tyson / Angela Lyras,  Trial Balloon,  New York;  Jack Hanley Gallery, San Francisco; University of Manitoba, Canada; University of British Columbia, Vancouver (catalogue)

“The Living Room Show”, curated by Sante Scardillo, New York

“Eau de Cologne 1983-1993”, Monica Spruth, Cologne

“Coming to Power: 25 Years of Sexually X-Plicit Art by Women”,

David Zwirner, New York

“21st Century Sex” Dooley LeCapellaine, New York

“Songs of Retribution”, curated by Nancy Spero, Richard

Anderson, New York