Born in New York, 1969

Lives and work in New York






The Way You Look Is The Way I Feel – Pierogi Gallery – Brooklyn, NY



Our New Lifestyle – Galería Leyendecker – Santa Cruz de Tenerife – Canary Islands



You Would If You Loved Me - Lind Gallery - San Francisco, CA




Animal Pile, Pierogi Gallery - Brooklyn, NY




Crystal Horizon, Pierogi Gallery - Brooklyn, NY

Never Odd or Even - Mixture Contemporary Art, Houston, TX




Foreground Makes The Picture Healthy, Galeria Leyendecker,

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands

Welcome All For You, Mixture Contemporary - Houston, TX

Bear and Phoenix, Clementine Gallery - New York, NY




Galeria Leyendecker - Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Canary Islands




Clementine Gallery - New York, NY

My Mother, My Self; Young Men Connecting with Older Women,

Pierogi Gallery (in collaboration with Jef Scharf), Brooklyn, NY

Suitable Gallery - Chicago, IL




Galeria Leyendecker - Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands




Lump - Raleigh, NC

Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA




Clementine Gallery - New York, NY

The Cheap and the Sacred, Plan B, Center for Contemporary Art - Santa Fe, NM





Big Orbit Gallery - Buffalo, NY








"Double Down", Pierogi Brooklyn, NY

"Cryptopictos", Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia




"Rage for Art (Once Again)", Pierogi Brooklyn, NY




"Maximal / Minimal", Kinz + Tillou, NT




“Emergent Systems”, Harbor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
“DECADE: Contemporary Collecting 2002-2012”, January, Albright-Knox, Art Gallery, New York



“33 años después, una hora antes 2”, Galería Leyendecker, Tenerife, Spain
“Large Work On Paper”, Birmingham Art Museum, Birmingham
“Modus Vivendi”, Pierogi Gallery, Brooklyn, NY



“100 Records”, Traveling exhibition, USA
“Blood, sweat tears” Galería Leyendecker, Tenerife, Spain




The Rule of Typical Things, Gregory Lind Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Put Your Nose in My Pocket, Galeria Leyendecker - Tenrife, Canary Islands, Spain

Hot and Cold - The End Is Here, Baer Ridgeway Gallery - San Francisco, CA

Winderflater, Thomas Welton Stanford Art Gallery - Stanford, CA




The Shape of Things: Paper Traditions and Transformations,

Museum of Craft and Folk Art - San Francisco, CA

Vital Signs, curated by Gary Sangster, Newcomb Gallery, Tulane University – New Orleans, LA

Free Love Gods, curated by Anna Fidler, Pulliam Deffenbaugh Gallery - Portland, OR

Unknown Quantity, Gregory Lind Gallery - San Francisco, CA




Vacation Nation, Pierogi Gallery - Brooklyn, NY

Grotto II, Jessica Murray Projects - Brooklyn, NY

Beautiful Grotesque, curated by David Gibson & Anjali Suneja, Riva Gallery, New York, NY

Ecotopia, LUMP gallery, Raleigh, NC




IN HEAT, Pierogi Gallery - Brooklyn, NY

Perforations, McKenzie Fine Art - NYC, NY

Online, Feigen Contemporary, curated by Charlie Finch, George Negroponte and Robert Storr New York, NY

Sweet Tooth, Mixture Contemporary - Houston, TX

Bad Touch, Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art - Chicago, IL

Comic Release: Negotiating Identity for a New Generation, Carnegie Mellon

University Gallery - Pittsburgh, PA (traveling exhibition)

Action at a Distance, Galerie der bezirksgemeinschaft ueberetsch-unterland Neumarkt - Italy

Action at a Distance, Dogenhaus Galerie - Leipzig, Germany

Flipping the Bird, Vox Populi - Philadelphia, PA




Five by Five: Contemporary Artists on Contemporary Art, The Whitney Museum of American

Art at Philip Morris - New York, NY

Drawings 2002, New Jersey Center for the Arts - Summit, NJ

Bad Touch, Space 1026 - Philadelphia, PA

Mixer, Monique Meloche Gallery - Chicago, IL




Bad Touch, Space 1026 - Philiadelphia, PA

Mixed Pickle, Galeria Leyendecker - Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands

Boxy, Dee/Glasoe - New York, NY

Bad Touch, Lump Gallery - Raleigh, CA




2000 Años Luz, curated by Angel Luis de la Cruz - Gallerie Leyendecker, Canary Islands

Miracle Whip, Clementine Gallery - New York, NY

The Pierogi Flat Files, Yerba Beuna Center - San Francisco, CA

Haulin' Ass, Post Gallery - Los Angeles, CA

The Pierogi Flat Files, Bock Artspace - Kansas City, MO

Zeichnungen, Galerie Martin Kudelek, Cologne, Germany




Size Matters, curated by Mike Weiss, Gale Gates et al Brooklyn, NY

Whippersnapper, Vedanta Gallery - Chicago, IL

Parallel Lines: Mix and Match, curated by Barbara Toll, Karen McCready Fine Arts - NYC, NY

Ragnorak, curated by Afredo Martinez, 330 W38th.- NYC, NY




20 Years of Spaces, Spaces Gallery - Cleveland, OH




American Cultural Center - Prague, Czech Republic

Gallery Vystaanvni Sin E. Filly - Usti Nad Labem, Czech Republic

Nine Ball, curated by Tony Fitzpatrick, Jean Albano Gallery - Chicago, IL

Artseen, Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art - Cleveland




Radical Ink, Spaces Gallery - Cleveland, OH

In Western New York, Albright-Knox Art Gallery - Buffalo, NY

SpaceLab, Spaces Gallery (project room) Cleveland, OH

Hotel Art 2 á Travelodge - OH, Rantoul Days Inn - IL, F.I. Edgebrook Motel - IL




Hotel Art á Quality Inn - PA, Holiday Inn - SC, Howard Johnson - VA, Jawbox & Desoto - D.C.,

The Cave - NC, Knights Inn - GA, Days Inn - GA, I.Y.H. - LA, Roadrunner Motor Inn – TX